• Study Hall 

    Assigned Study Halls

    All students will be assigned a study hall if they have open periods in their schedule. Study Halls are designed to provide academic support by giving students a specific time during the school day to work on academic assignments and study for assessments. Student attendance at Study Hall is mandatory. Attendance is taken each day by the Study Hall teacher.

    Study Halls are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of each individual student. When necessary for a student to complete an academic assignment or study for an assessment, a student may request a pass from the Study Hall teacher to:

    • Attend appointments with teachers to discuss assignments and assessments;
    • Go to Testing Center
    • Go to the library (for academic purposes)
    • Seek academic support in designated resource centers

     Students must leave the other resource area 10 minutes before the end of the period and return to the Study Hall with 5 minutes remaining in the class period. Students may use the same pass; but for each use it must be signed and dated/timed by the Study Hall teacher.