• Identification Cards

    Each student is provided with an Identification Card to be used for library check-outs, as a bus pass, as a debit card, and for identification purposes both at school and at events away from school. All students are required to carry ID cards during the school day and while in attendance at school events. Students must present the ID card, upon request, to any school representative. Failure to carry or present a current ID may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the District’s disciplinary procedures. Staff members may take a student’s ID card to the Deans' office if the student is referred to the Dean for a conversation about their behavior.

    If a student loses their ID card, they should first check with the Deans' office to determine if the ID has been found. Otherwise, the student is responsible for securing a replacement at their expense. The cost for a replacement ID card is $5.00. Arrangements for obtaining a replacement ID are made as follows: Students may pay for a replacement ID in the bookstore and obtain a new ID in the Attendance Office. Students may use their own ID card as a debit card in the cafeteria, and may only use another student’s ID if the other student is present. Students may bring cash directly to the cafeteria to deposit in their account or add money by credit card via their student portal. If your ID card is used as a debit card and money was deposited into the account, and it has been lost or stolen, notify cafeteria personnel immediately. Arrangements for obtaining a replacement ID with a new bar code will be made in the Attendance Office with a paid receipt from the bookstore.