• Hallway Procedures


    Students are expected to obey rules which govern movement throughout the building.

    When in the corridors, students are expected to be mindful that unnecessary conversation and inconsiderate behavior are distracting to classroom activities and will not be tolerated. Students are expected to be quick and quiet in the hallways and return to open areas such as the cafeteria or library with as little delay as possible. 

    Students will need to provide their teacher with a pass if they arrive late to an assigned period and need to account for their whereabouts for the portion of the class they missed. For example, a pass is required if a student stays after class to get help from a teacher and is late to his or her next class, or if he or she misses part of a class due to an appointment. 

    Students are expected to use appropriate language and demonstrate appropriate behavior during passing periods.

    Students are not permitted in the hallways during the last 10 minutes of each period of the day to ensure quiet hallways for students and teachers in their classes (at HPHS only). When classes are in session, students are not to congregate in academic hallways, sit at open supervision tables and desks, or by their lockers. When students are in the hallway they are expected to move to their destination. 

    All litter should be disposed of properly in garbage or recycling receptacles that are provided.