Board Policy (7-300)


    Extracurricular Code of Conduct

    District 113 administrators, coaches, and activity sponsors, in conjunction with parents/guardians and students, believe that students who represent District 113 as athletic or activity members should conduct themselves as responsible representatives of their schools. Students who elect to participate in sports or student activities will be expected to exemplify high standards of behavior. Students whose actions or conduct create a negative image and whose behavior is determined to be detrimental to either the school or its programs will be subject to disciplinary consequences, following the procedures outlined in this Extracurricular Code. As recognized representatives of their schools, District 113 athletes and participants in activities must demonstrate the character and behavior outlined in this Code. The behavior of student participants will be monitored by coaches and Activity sponsors.

    The District 113 Extracurricular Code acts to supplement, not to supplant, District 113 school disciplinary policies. Policy 7-190 is not exclusive of Policy 7-300. Imposition of disciplinary consequences does not preclude other or additional extra-curricular, athletic, and/or parking consequences and are separate and distinct from police consequences. Student eligibility for participation in activities will remain consistent with policies and regulations adopted by the Illinois High School Association and conferences or associations of which its participants are members.

  • Administrative Procedures

    The Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent to promulgate Administrative Procedures to implement this policy.

    The Board shall annually approve the Student Extracurricular Behavioral Requirements as set forth in the implementing procedures.

  • Athletics Program

    The Athletics program shall be in compliance with the Scholastic Standing provisions specified in the current Athletic Eligibility By-laws of the Illinois High School Association.

  • Activity Program

    It shall be the policy of the Board of Education that all students who participate in a “school- sponsored or school-supported extra/co-curricular activity” (hereafter referred to as “Activity”) shall be in compliance with the Scholastic Standing provisions specified in the current Athletic Eligibility By-laws promulgated by the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). A student who fails to meet the minimum IHSA standards for Scholastic Standing shall be suspended from further participation in every Activity until eligibility is re-established in accordance with the IHSA By-laws.

    A student with disabilities may be excused from meeting some or all of the IHSA criteria as determined by professional staff familiar with the child, such determination to be made on a case-by-case basis.

    The Administration is authorized to develop Procedures for the fair and orderly implementation of this Policy across School District extra/co-curricular activities and to provide students with appropriate notice of this Policy and its Procedures.