• Visitors

    All visitors are required to enter the building through a supervised entrance. All visitors must show a valid photo ID, sign in, and visibly wear a visitor’s badge while in the school. Visitors will NOT be permitted to enter the building until their appointment is confirmed by school security. Visitors leaving the school must sign out and return their visitor badges at the security desk.

    If the purpose of an individual’s visit is related to the observation or evaluation of students with disabilities, please see Board Policy 6-125, Classroom Visitation for Observation or Evaluation of Students with Disabilities, for the terms and conditions applicable to such visits.

    This visitor’s policy applies to all visitors, including DHS or HPHS alumni. Alumni must have a pre-arranged appointment with a staff member. Alumni will be allotted a 1-hour time limit within the building.

    The District reserves the right to deny visitors entry to a school building due to special circumstances which may exist. Visitors are subject to all school rules and Board Policies.