• Township High School District 113
    Board of Education Statement of Values
    Our schools are a reflection of our values and of our community. We believe in the value of educating the entire person and providing an equitable opportunity for all to succeed in school and in their chosen path in life.
    As a Board of Education, we believe our first responsibility is to the students of Township High School District 113. We will strive to provide each with a safe environment--both physically and psychologically--and the resources that will enable him/her to achieve their greatest potential as a student and a citizen of our community, the United States and the world. These resources will include but are not limited to:
    •  Rigorous educational programming, essential resources and up-to-date technology
    • Quality, excellent teachers who maintain their subject matter and pedagogical expertise
    • Teaching materials that provide current thinking and knowledge in the relevant subject matter
    • Facilities and equipment that are conducive to learning
    • Opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, including the arts, athletics, philanthropy and forums to express thoughts and opinions
    As a Board of Education, we are responsible to our staff members, who serve as the most essential resource for the development and advancement of our students. It is our expectation that each staff member will strive to create an equitable learning experience and positive learning environment for all of our students. Our commitment to staff includes:
    • We support staff members with the resources, tools and training necessary for continuous learning, innovation, improvement and professional growth.
    • We will establish and sustain a culture that: values each staff member equally; holds all staff to high standards; is fair and respectful; values creativity and promotes collaborative thinking.
    • We respect our staff members' time and training that makes them experts in their respective fields.
    • We will support fair and equitable compensation and benefits commensurate with the value each teacher provides to our students and with the standards of the profession.
    As Board members, we are responsible to the parents and guardians of the students in THSD 113. Parents and guardians are an essential resource in the mission of assisting each student to achieve his/her potential and must be engaged as partners with the Board and the staff. Our obligations to the parents and guardians include:
    • Ensuring that our schools are physically and emotionally safe for their children.
    • Providing open and honest communication through all means available among parents and guardians, teachers, administrators and the Board
    • Sensitivity to the values of our community in which we live and to the values of the families in our community
    As a Board of Education, we are responsible to our taxpayers and our communities. We are responsible stewards of money received from our communities to educate our students. We exert the necessary oversight, controls and planning to assure wise spending decisions in the areas of education, equipment, technology, facilities and other supportive funds for our students' learning. We commit to maintaining a balanced budget, in which we must make wise fiscal choices that preserve an excellent education for our students and maintain an attractive community in which to raise a family. We provide transparency in our fiscal decisions so our actions and decisions can be easily understood by our community members.
    As Board members, we are responsible to one another. We promote a culture that is respectful to all, allowing for open communication, honest discussion and respectful disagreement on topics. We value a cohesive and unified vision that provides a roadmap for all areas of decision-making. We are attentive to others throughout. We understand the need for information-gathering data to assist us in decision-making. We balance these requests while respecting the time of staff. Board members understand that we function as a member of a collective board and not as individual board members.