• Types of Absences

    Students 17 years of age or younger are within the Illinois compulsory school age and are mandated to attend school. Students who are 17 years of age or above and are enrolled in the District are also mandated to attend school. Students are expected to be on time to each assigned period, ready to work when the class begins. While the importance of regular and sustained attendance is recognized, the Board of Education understands that there will be times that students are absent for valid cause.

    Township High School District 113 Board of Education defines absences with valid cause as the following:

    1. Student illness
    2. Necessary medical appointments
    3. School-related absences (e.g., field trips, college visits, participating in school activities and athletic competitions)
    4. Observance of a religious holiday
    5. Death in the immediate family
    6. Family emergencies
    7. Reasonable concern on the part of the parent/guardian for the health or safety of their child
    8. Mental Health (5 Days)
    9. And/or other situations beyond control of the student as determined by a school administrator. 

    Parents/guardians are expected to report and provide a reason for all absences to the high school attendance office the day their child is absent from school. Medical documentation may be required for multiple successive absences and/or excessive absences due to illness or medical conditions.