• Defibulators

    Consistent with the School Board’s Policy on Automated External Defibrillators (AED) (Board Policy 4-230) and for the health and wellness of the District’s staff, students, parents and visitors, the District hereby institutes procedures for a Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program. AEDs are for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in district buildings. 

    The IHSA posts a video on how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The District encourages students and parents to view it: https://www.ihsa.org/Resources/SportsMedicine/CPRTraining.aspx 

    A. At Deerfield High School, AEDs will be located at:

    • Corridor B
    • Corridor K
    • Corridor E
    • X wing (2nd Floor)
    • Studio Theater
    • A Deck
    • Trainer’s Office
    • Three portable AEDs located in AED boxes on school grounds
    • West Entrance
    • Pool Deck

    B. At Highland Park High School, AEDs will be located at:

    Lower level: 1

    • Indoor track: wall opposite  elevators near old exit

           First Floor: 8

    • Health Services A132 : Treatment Room 
    • Library Foyer: west wall next to outside doors 
    • H Entrance Foyer: south wall across from security desk
    • C Building: east wall across from center stairway
    • Science/Auditorium foyer: west wall between bathrooms
    • Athletic Building Foyer: west wall next to security desk
    • Pool Deck: next to Pool Office
    • North Gym Lobby: west wall between gym doors

     Second Floor: 2

    • Main Entrance at Vine Ave: east wall next to A217
    • Athletic Building: west wall next to IM gym entrance

     Third Floor: 2

    • A Building: top of middle stairway
    • B Building: west wall next to bathroom