(Board Policy 7-220)


    The following is a summary of Board Policy 7:220. This Board Policy can also be found on the District’s website at:


    All students must follow the District’s School Bus Safety Rules.

    School Bus Suspensions 

    All students must follow the District's School Bus Safety Rules. School Bus Suspensions The Superintendent, or any designee as permitted in the School Code, is authorized to suspend a student from riding the school bus for up to 10 consecutive school days for engaging in gross disobedience or misconduct, including but not limited to, the following: 

    1. Prohibited student conduct as defined in School Board policy, 7-190, Student Behavior. 
    2. Willful injury or threat of injury to a bus driver or to another rider. 
    3. Willful and/or repeated defacement of the bus. 
    4. Repeated use of profanity. 
    5. Repeated willful disobedience of a directive from a bus driver or other supervisor. 
    6. Such other behavior as the Superintendent or designee deems to threaten the safe operation of the bus and/or its occupants. 

    If a student is suspended from riding the bus for gross disobedience or misconduct on a bus, the School Board may suspend the student from riding the school bus for a period in excess of 10 days for safety reasons. The District shall provide the student with notice of the gross disobedience or misconduct and an opportunity to respond. 

    Academic Credit for Missed Classes During School Bus Suspension

    A student suspended from riding the bus who does not have alternate transportation to school shall have the opportunity to complete or make up work for equivalent academic credit. It shall be the responsibility of the student's parent or guardian to notify the school that the student does not have alternate transportation. 

    Electronic Recordings on School Buses 

    Electronic visual and audio recordings may be used on school buses to monitor conduct and to promote and maintain a safe environment for students and employees when transportation is provided for any school related activity. Notice of electronic recordings shall be displayed on the exterior of the vehicle's entrance door and front interior bulkhead in compliance with State law and the rules of the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Traffic Safety. Students are prohibited from tampering with electronic recording devices. 

    Students who violate this policy shall be disciplined in accordance with the Board's discipline policy and shall reimburse the School District for any necessary repairs or replacement.



    Students are required to have their Student ID to ride the bus. Bus access can be revoked on a temporary or permanent basis if a student violates Bus Conduct policy 7-220.

    Smoking/vaping, vandalism, misbehavior, and inappropriate conduct of any kind will not be tolerated.

    Students are required to obey the bus driver at all times.

    In addition to other consequences, infractions of bus rules may result in restriction or loss of bus privileges. Other disciplinary measures may also be assigned for inappropriate bus behavior.

    Currently, bus transportation is available without cost to students who live at least one and one half miles from the school.

    Students who live within a one and one half mile distance from school may arrange to ride the bus after payment of a fee ($230.00 per semester) but will be required to use an existing bus stop. Information about fees is available from the Director of Transportation at (224) 765-1040.

    Spectator buses to "away" events may be available if enough students are interested in the service. A student going to an activity on a bus must return on the same bus unless the student's parent or guardian, either in person or in writing to the bus chaperone, authorizes an alternative arrangement. No refund of spectator bus fares will be granted. Departure from either Deerfield or Highland Park campus, as appropriate, will be announced in the daily announcements. Departure time from the event will be fifteen minutes after the end of the event.

    • Tickets must be purchased at the bookstore during lunch periods or after school. Prices will vary, depending on the distance to be traveled.
    • All general bus regulations must be observed. Chaperones will report violations to the Deans' Office.
    • Bus changes are not permitted.

    All school rules regarding smoking/vaping, misbehavior and vandalism apply on the bus, including spectator buses and field trips buses. Appropriate behavior is always expected on buses; inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.