Department Overview

  • Welcome to Township High School District 113’s Transportation Department! We take great pride in the services that we provide for our students. 

    District 113 is hiring professional school bus drivers


    Our 31 school bus drivers, all of whom are District 113 employees, provide safe and efficient transportation on District-owned buses to more than 3,261 students each week. This includes morning and afternoon routes, early bird routes, a late activity run, and door to door transportation for some special-needs students. In addition, District 113 drivers transport Transition Special Needs students, athletes, activity participants, and students and staff attending field trips.

    The safety of our students is our number one priority in transportation. Our school bus drivers undergo rigorous training before they are entrusted to transport our students, and each of our drivers begins their day with a pre-trip inspection on their bus. Two in-house mechanics are responsible for maintenance and repairs to the District-owned fleet, which, in addition to the buses, includes tractors, driver’s education vehicles, activity buses, and plowing equipment. This approach is both efficient and cost-effective compared to outsourcing.

    We are fortunate to own our own buses and hire our own drivers, which we feel makes our service more personable. 


    Our transportation department has a total of  512  years of combined experience.

    On average, our department covers over 359,372 miles. This would be more than 14 trips around the earth's circumference.
    Our 2 district mechanics, who are also certified school bus drivers as well, maintain 73 vehicles.

    This includes 38 school buses, and 35 other vehicles, which includes dump trucks that plow our district property, activity buses, drivers' ed vehicles, and several other passenger vehicles utilized by several district departments.

    From July 2022 – June 2023, the transportation department completed 1,622 trips. This includes academic, special events, and athletic outings.