• Policies and Procedures Philosophy


    Please note: School policies and procedures may be altered from time to time during the school year after the Student and Parent Handbook is printed.  Refer to the online handbook for most current policies and procedures.


    Rules and Policies

    Individual rights and concerns are preserved only by the protection and preservation of the rights of others. Students are responsible for the exercise of individual rights and must accept the consequences of personal actions and recognize the boundaries of individual rights.

    The Principal or Principal’s designee may notify legal authorities of all evidence and reports of all illegal activity if warranted.

    Students have a right and a duty to know the rules and regulations for which they are held responsible while under the jurisdiction of the school. Ignorance of the rules is not a legitimate excuse for violation. In the Parent/Student Handbook, Highland Park and Deerfield High Schools publish these rules and distribute them to each student within fifteen days of the beginning of the academic year or upon a student’s transfer to the school. Among the topics covered are general attendance, social conduct, lockers, lunchroom, health and safety, transportation, and activities.

    Students will be informed of their offense and the facts giving rise to the proposed discipline with an opportunity to state their views.

    District 113 expectations for student behavior are developed in accordance with Federal, state, and local statutes and Board of Education policies. Student behavior rules are reviewed annually by each school’s parent-Teacher-Student Advisory Committee. These committees are comprised of students, parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators.

    This handbook contains a summary of some, but not all, Board of Education policies. The Board’s policy book is available online at: