• Dances and Other School-Sponsored Events

    The following rules apply at all dances and other school-sponsored events at both Highland Park and Deerfield High Schools.

    • School-sponsored events are planned for students of that school only unless it is an event for which tickets are sold in advance. In that case, tickets may be purchased online or through the bookstore. Students who wish to bring a guest to a school event must complete a guest registration form and have it approved through the Activities and/or Deans’ Office at least 3 days prior to the event. Guests over the age of 20 (who are not family members) will not be allowed to attend. 
    • All students must present a valid student I.D. card to gain admittance to the dance or event.
    • Students arriving late to a dance due to a school activity or athletic event must have prior permission through the Dean's Office or the Student Activity Director. 
    • All dances and school-sponsored events will post times of admittance and non-admittance, and through which school doors students must enter and exit the event.
    • Students who leave a dance or school-sponsored event for any reason may not re-enter.
    • All school rules and expectations are in effect during all dances and school events, including those held at an off-campus location.
    • Inappropriate dancing and other activities deemed unsafe by dance or event supervisors are not allowed.
    • Appropriate dress is expected at all dances and school-sponsored events.
    • Students are expected to remain at all dances or events until the posted ending time. 
    • Failure to comply with rules and expectations may result in being asked to leave.

    General guidelines for dances or other school-sponsored events may be supplemented by specific expectations for certain events during the school year.