• Parking Regulations

    Due to limited parking spaces in each school’s student lot, only Senior students are eligible to purchase a parking permit and park in the school lot in accordance with the following guidelines.  `Juniors will be notified through the Deans' Office if parking is available to their class (Only DHS). Freshmen and Sophomores are not eligible to park on campus during the school day. This includes all special testing days, late start days, and final exams during the school year.

    Students are urged to use school transportation or walk to school.

    Parking Lot Guidelines

    1. Senior students must present evidence of successfully completing the Alive at 25 program, HPHS Giant/DHS Warrior Parking Program,   prior to obtaining a parking permit. Seniors who have previously lost part or all parking privileges for past infractions of the parking rules or violations of the Extracurricular Code are ineligible for a parking permit. 
    2. Authorized student drivers are required to obtain and display a school parking permit as directed.
    3. Student parking is not allowed in designated visitor or staff parking areas.
    4. Students are not permitted to sit in parked cars during any part of the school day.
    5. Motorcycles and motorbikes must be parked in a student parking space.
    6. Students need to purchase a parking permit prior to parking on campus. Senior status students who are eligible may purchase a parking permit for $360.00.  All permits will be applied to the vehicle by a Security Officer. Any unauthorized transfer of a parking permit, including but not limited to selling a permit to another student or sibling will render it invalid, and the vehicle will be considered illegally parked. 
    7. Student parking privileges may be suspended and/or revoked for 1) any violation of District Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs policy or procedures or 2) any non-school related incident involving alcohol, tobacco, and/or other drugs as determined by school personnel and/or reported by the police. The District’s Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs policy will be enforced as outlined regarding parking restriction in the case of a violation of such policy. The Principal or Principal’s designee will notify legal authorities of all evidence and reports of all illegal activity if warranted. Students must successfully complete an approved student/parent/guardian educational program to resume parking privileges. Seniors who have previously lost part or all parking privileges for past infractions of the parking rules or violations of the Extracurricular Code are ineligible for a parking permit.
    8. Student parking privileges may be suspended and/or revoked for any violations of the parking policy or for violations of the discipline policy. There are no refunds for revoked parking permits.
    9. Weapons, alcohol, and illegal drugs are not permitted on District 113 property.

    Vehicles entering District 113 parking lots may be subject to search by school officials. Searches may include all vehicle compartments and containers.

    All automobiles parked on school grounds MUST be registered with the school and current decal MUST be displayed on the automobile as determined by the Deans' Office.

    There is to be no loitering in the parking lot, or visitation in cars. Students who need to go to their car during the school day must obtain a pass from the Deans' Office. 

    Parking is strictly limited to the student parking areas identified by white lines in the lot. At Deerfield High School, student parking is located in the front (West) lots only. At Highland Park High School, student parking is located in the North Parking Lot. FACULTY, VISITOR and DAYCARE DROP OFF parking areas are clearly marked with red lines or signs. Students may not park in Faculty, Visitor or Daycare Drop off areas during school hours or posted times. 

    • All students must be licensed and covered by insurance. The school is not responsible for the automobile or its contents while parked on campus.
    • For the safety of all, speeding (driving over 10 miles per hour) is not tolerated.
    • Students must follow the directions of the security guard in the parking lot at all times.
    • Students applying for and receiving permits are responsible for following all school rules and procedures.

    Students parking on campus without authorization and without a valid parking permit appropriately displayed on their car will receive consequences to include but not limited to Saturday detention, In-school alternative setting, loss of parking privileges and towing of vehicle.

    Students must report to the Deans' Office immediately:

    • If you receive notice of a parking violation;
    • If you lose your permit; or
    • If you need to get something from your vehicle (parked on campus) during the school day you need to obtain a pass from our office to go to the parking lot. 

    *Parking regulations are strictly enforced. 

    Cause for immediate revocation of parking privileges may include the following:

    • If you leave campus during the school day without school authorization you may have your parking privileges revoked.
    • Transferring issued parking permits to others.
    • Not reporting to Deans’ Office after receiving a notice of a parking violation.
    • If the parking permit is not properly displayed in the vehicle.
    • Reckless driving on school grounds.