• Physical Education Department Policies


    Daily participation is part of each student’s grade in all PE classes.  Please note each PE course has specific grading policies to fit the parameters and needs of that course.

    • In Physical Education, quality daily work is the best way to assess a student’s progress and achievement.
    • Students will be excluded from participation for behavior that is inappropriate or unsafe.
    • Students who do not feel well must still dress for class; the instructor will adapt their activity.
    • Class will begin 5 minutes after the second bell to allow time to change.


    • All students are required to wear school-issued PE uniforms.
    • Shoes (rubber-soled, gym shoes).
    • For safety reasons, no hats.
    • Sweats, yoga pants, or windbreakers may be worn; do not wear sweaters or dress coats.
    • Long pants – must be above the top of the shoe.
    • Rental uniforms will be available from the locker room supervisors.
    • Swimming – a swimming suit appropriate for a high activity level.
    • No backpacks are allowed in class.  All backpacks must be secured in a locker.
    • All students must purchase a school-issued combination lock from the bookstore.

    Medical Excuses

    • Students must have a note from a medical doctor if it is necessary to limit activity for more than one day.
    • Students excused by their doctor for more than two weeks will be assigned to Adapted PE. Students will report to the PERC or Fit center for adapted activities for the duration of the medical excuse. 
    • If a student is unable to participate in adapted PE due to medical reasons for longer than ten days in a quarter a grade of “M” (medical excuse) will be given.

    Physical Education Make-ups

    • Students are expected to complete a PE make-up for each absence from class.
    • Students can complete PE make-ups in the PERC or Fitness center during early bird, non-academic class periods, or after school.  Make-up options vary in each building but will be approved by the supervisor.  
    • Each non-dress results in a 5 percent quarter deduction.  Points can be earned back with PE make-ups (HPHS).
    • PE make-ups for swimming are to be completed in the pool during early bird (HPHS).
    • Please communicate with your teacher in advance regarding special circumstances related to attendance such as pre-arranged absences or school field trips to determine appropriate make-up work.

    Interscholastic Athletic Waivers

    • PE waivers are available for eligible Jr/Sr varsity interscholastic athletes.
    • Students must complete a waiver application and obtain approval from the Athletic Director, PE Department Chair, PE Teacher, Coach, Parent/Guardian and Counselor within the first three weeks of their athletic season.
    • Students are assigned a supervised study hall in lieu of PE class for the duration of their athletic season.  Students must return to PE class the day after their season ends.
    • Students must be enrolled in at least 6 courses including PE.
    • Students must have a “B” average or better in their PE class and fall within the healthy zone during state-mandated fitness testing.
    • Students receive a “P” (pass-no credit) for a grade during their waiver period.  If the waiver period is one quarter or less, students will receive a letter grade for the semester solely based on their time spent in PE class.

    Other Important information

    1. Students are cautioned to leave the class activity area only when excused by the instructor.  Many instructors will take attendance at the end of class as well as at the beginning.  Students who have left early from class will be marked absent.
    2. Students should see the locker room supervisors to be assigned a locker or for assistance in this area.  Students must use only their assigned locker; locks on unassigned lockers and the contents of the locker will be removed.

    Students are encouraged to see their instructor for clarification of these rules and other class procedures.