• Cafeteria Conduct

    Students are to assist in maintaining a clean and safe environment including lunch room tables. All students are expected to clean any tables or areas where they consume food. Students with permission to eat in other locations in the building are expected to clean the area they use to the satisfaction of the teachers or supervisors in the area.

    Students are not permitted to sit on or place their feet on tables.

    Infractions of cafeteria rules may result in a restricted lunch period and/or other disciplinary action.

    Appropriate behavior is expected of all students in the cafeteria.

    • Students must bring their ID to the entrance of the service area.
    • Food may be consumed in the cafeteria and in designated classrooms per teacher discretion.
    • Students must pay for items purchased in the cafeteria before consuming them.
    • If a student does not obey a cafeteria supervisor or breaks a specific rule, the student may be restricted from the cafeteria, or some other disciplinary action may be taken.
    • Students cannot use someone else’s ID to purchase food in the cafeteria. If you want to purchase food for someone else, you must be present to make the transaction.
    • Free and reduced-price breakfast and lunches are available to eligible students. Application forms, which include federal income guidelines, are available on each school’s website. See Board Policy 4:130 for additional information.