• Delegation of Authority

    Each teacher, and any other school personnel when students are under their charge, is authorized to impose any disciplinary measure, other than suspension, expulsion, corporal punishment, or in-school suspension, that is appropriate and in accordance with the policies and rules on student discipline. Teachers, other certificated [licensed] educational employees, and other persons providing a related service for or with respect to a student, may use reasonable force as needed to maintain safety for other students, school personnel, or other persons, or for the purpose of self-defense or defense of property. Teachers may temporarily remove students from a classroom for disruptive behavior.

    The Superintendent, Building Principal, Assistant Building Principal, or Dean of Students is authorized to impose the same disciplinary measures as teachers and may suspend students guilty of gross disobedience or misconduct from school (including all school functions) and from riding the school bus, up to ten consecutive school days, provided the appropriate procedures are followed. The Board may suspend a student from riding the bus in excess of ten school days for safety reasons.