• Tardy Procedure


    Students are considered tardy if they are not in their assigned area when the period bell rings. 

    Tardiness Procedures

      • Students late to class will need to scan in and proceed to class. 

      • Students are considered tardy if they are present in class at any point during the assigned period. 

      • If a teacher causes a student to be late, they are expected to provide a late pass for the next class period.

      • When attendance is submitted, teachers are expected to mark the minutes late in the comments section in their attendance for documentation.

      • A staff member is expected to write a tardy referral when

        •  The student has been late for class 3 times, and every third consecutive time.

        • The student has been absent for more than half of the class.

      • A dean will see the students when a tardy referral is submitted. The Deans or the principal designee may assign detention.