• Lockers/Other School Property

    Lockers and other school property are assigned to students at the beginning of each school year and are to be used for school purposes only. Lockers are school property made available for student use. As lockers are school property, students have no expectation of privacy in their lockers including any property placed in the locker. The school administration reserves the right to open and search any locker or other school property as it deems appropriate.

    All students are expected to occupy the locker to which they are assigned. Students are not permitted to either change lockers or share locker space with another student unless they have received prior administrative approval.

    Defacing or placing objectionable materials on the locker is not permitted. Students are responsible for their assigned locker and are expected to report locker damage to the Deans' Office immediately. Students will be responsible for any damage caused to a locker or the hallway.  Students defacing or damaging lockers are responsible for repairs and may risk prosecution.  Students may not use additional locks on lockers. Built-in locks are provided by the school.

    Students may decorate the interior of their locker in an appropriate way, and the locker must be restored to its original condition at the end of the school year. Exterior locker decorations are to be held to a minimum.  Decorations are to be placed on or directly above the locker but not on the ceiling.  Banners, confetti, streamers, balloons, etc. are not to be placed anywhere else in the hallway or school unless approval from the Student Activity Director is given. The school is not liable for losses incurred from lockers.  Students should secure all valuables in their locked locker.

    Areas of the school such as rooms, desks, parking lots, other school property and equipment owned or controlled by the school, and personal effects left in those places and areas by students may be searched if necessary without notice to or the consent of the student and without a search warrant. Students do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in these places and areas. School authorities may request the assistance of law enforcement officials for the purpose of conducting inspections and searches of lockers, desks, parking lots, etc., for illegal drugs, weapons or other illegal or dangerous substances or materials. Any illegal or contraband material obtained as a result of such a search shall be confiscated by school officials and may be transmitted to law enforcement officials.