• Instructional Materials


    Freedom of inquiry is essential to education in a democracy. To establish the necessary climate for freedom, teachers, and administrators will choose material wisely and will also provide a means by which citizens may receive courteous and respectful consideration of their concern for materials chosen for use with students.

    The Board of Education shall adopt textbooks needed for use in the school. The district will purchase books and sell them to students, and will notify students of required textbooks in sufficient time to permit students to secure them from sources other than the bookstore at school. The district will also buy school books back from students at the end of the school year if the book will be used the next year.

    If a student’s parents or guardians are unable to purchase textbooks, the district will lend books required for classes the student is taking. Teachers will not sell books or supplies to students with the exception of project materials which cannot be handled through the bookstore. 

    All instructional materials used in the schools may be inspected by parents or guardians. Such materials include textbooks and other printed materials, curricular course packs, and digital materials. For an appointment to inspect any materials, contact the Principal’s office. Instructional materials available for inspection do not include academic tests or assessments.