• The Board of Education is required to approve the school calendar and can vote to change the school calendar at any time. 

    How does the calendar approval process work?
    Each year Administration presents a proposed calendar to the Board for the following school year. When the proposed calendar is presented to the Board for the first time, the Board reviews the proposal and provides feedback to Administration. The proposed calendar then returns to a subsequent meeting for approval. 

    How long does it take for the Board to approve a proposed calendar?
    The time it takes to approve a proposed calendar is at the discretion of the Board of Education. The least amount of time it could take is two, back-to-back, regular Board meetings. 

    How can I follow the calendar approval process?
    If you are a current school parent you automatically recieve notification of Board action through Board Briefs, generally sent the Wednesday after a regular meeting. If you are not a current school parent, you can receive these same communications by joining the District 113 community email list here: D113 News. You can find the calendar of regularly scheduled Board meetings and agenda items for all posted Board meetings here: https://www.dist113.org/domain/33.