• Support Groups


    DHS and HPHS offer a variety of support groups for students that address social and emotional needs. The supportive group environment creates a greater sense of community within the school while promoting overall school functioning and academic success. Groups are voluntary and of a confidential nature. Groups meet weekly during the school day on a rotating schedule. Students may be referred to a group by parents/guardians, teachers, counselors, or by self-referral.

    The District does not require advance parent/guardian permission for student participation in any of the groups. Whether a student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) are informed of a student’s participation depends on the nature of the group and, in some instances, on individual student needs. If you do not want your student to participate in any of the support groups listed, please state your objection in writing and send it to Amy Bricker, Counseling Department Chair (abricker@dist113.org) at DHS or Aliza Gilbert or Jennifer Ginopolis, Counseling Department Co-Chairs (agilbert@dist113.org and jginopolis@dist113.org ) at HPHS.

    Additional information regarding the support group opportunities at DHS and HPHS can be found by contacting the Counseling Department Chairs listed above.