Transfer Student Registration Process

    Enrollment and Online Registration Information: https://www.dist113.org/domain/23

    Setting a Transfer Meeting with the Counselor:

    Once residency is verified, you will be contacted by the Counseling Department Administrative Assistant to set a time to meet with a counselor for the intake meeting. Both student and parent/guardian must be present at this meeting.

    Transfer Process:

    The counselor meets with the student and parent/guardian, and a tentative schedule is made. The student may meet with department chairs for course placements and other department representatives for various programs and services, as needed. This process takes about 1-2 hours. Please be prepared to share information regarding previous academic experiences and discuss student preferences for courses. If you would like to review course offerings prior to your appointment, click here to view our Program of Studies.

    On the student's first day of school, they will be matched with a Peer Helper. The Peer Helper will take the student on a school tour and will help the student get an ID card, locker, and Chromebook and set up an email account.  

    Transfer Orientation Packet:

    Click here to view our Transfer Orientation Packet

    For Late-Spring and Summer Transfers:

    The Registrar will work with the family to complete forms and submit documentation for residency verification. Once residency eligibility is approved, the student and parent/guardian will meet with a counselor for an intake meeting. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will participate in our Transfer Student Orientation in August. There is a program for parents/guardians as well. Freshman transfers and families will participate in Warrior Welcome, a program held for all incoming freshmen and their parents/guardians. 

    Transfer Student Orientation

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