Independent Study

  • Students may propose independent study projects in order to pursue advanced study not offered in the curriculum or study which involves a dimension different from that offered in a regularly scheduled class.  Interested students should develop a project proposal in conjunction with a faculty sponsor.  Departments may have special prerequisites for independent study; applicants are encouraged to meet with the Department Chair prior to developing a proposal.

    Projects of unusual difficulty may qualify for Level I credit on a pass-fail basis only.  However, in the event that a student has exhausted the Level I curriculum but has not exceeded the total number of Level I credits available within the department, he or she will have the option of pursuing Level I independent study and receive a weighted grade.  The approval of the sponsor, the department chair, the student’s parents and counselor, and an Assistant Principal is required.  Proposal forms are available in the Counseling Office and through Department Chairs.  Proposals include these elements: rationale for request, objectives of the plan, mechanics of meeting times, the nature of the final product, and evaluation procedures.  Independent study proposals must be submitted to the student’s counselor by the end of the third week of each semester.

    The independent study form can be found on the Forms page on the Counseling website.