Pass/Fail Option

  • The intent of pass/fail is to encourage students to experiment and explore by taking courses they would not take otherwise.

    1. Students may elect any course offered in the school for a pass/fail grade under this policy except those required for graduation, or those used for meeting a graduation requirement.
    2. A student may not take a sequential or prerequisite course on a pass/fail basis. Except with the permission of the department chairperson, only the last semester of an intended sequence may be taken pass/fail.
    3. Traffic safety is always pass/fail.
    4. Per policy 6-300, all students must have at least 37 credits in regularly-graded courses to fulfill graduation requirements; the minimum caseload for full-time students is 5 credits per semester.
    5. Once a student elects to take a course pass/fail, that decision will not be reversed.
    6. A student must elect to take a course on a pass/fail basis before the withdraw deadline as described above. To obtain a “pass” in a course, the student must obtain a grade of “D-” or better in accordance with the standards of that course. If special arrangements regarding the pass/fail course are requested by the student and approved by the teacher, then these special arrangements should be stated in writing.
    7. Students are ineligible to enroll in a course for which the prerequisite was taken pass/fail. Parents/guardians must approve decisions to take courses on a pass/fail basis.

    Students in grades 11 and 12 who receive physical education exemptions for athletics and/or marching band per policy 6-310: High School Credit for Non-District Experiences; Course Substitutions; Re-Entering Students will automatically be enrolled in pass/fail physical education if their exemption season provides less than 6 continuous weeks of physical education class.