Pass/Fail Option

  • The intent of Pass/Fail is to encourage students to experiment and explore by taking courses they would not take otherwise, e.g., because of the risk of lowering their grade point average.  Students may not take pre-requisite courses or graduation requirements on a Pass/Fail basis.  Except with the permission of the department chair, only the last semester of an intended sequence may be taken Pass/Fail.  The application deadline to take a course Pass/Fail is the first eight weeks of the first and third quarters.  If a student is interested in this option, they are advised to contact their counselor prior to the eighth week of the semester.

    Any student requesting the Pass/Fail option must have at least 37 of the 41 credits required for graduation in regularly graded courses.  The number of courses that can be taken Pass/Fail during a given semester varies according to the student’s total course load and number of credits earned.  See your counselor for more details.

    To obtain a “Pass” in a course, the student must obtain a minimum grade of “D-” or better, and satisfy the regular requirements of that course.  The student must meet the same attendance requirements as regularly graded students.  Seniors on Pass/Fail may elect not to take the final exam during their final semester if they have a grade average of at least 80% at the time of the exam.

    The Pass/Fail Form can be found on the Forms page on the Counseling website.