• After conferring with their counselor and with the permission of their parent or guardian, students may elect to audit a course for the purpose of enrichment. These courses are listed on their transcript as an audit (AU), but receive no credit, are not included in GPA calculations, and cannot be used as prerequisite courses. Attendance is taken and reported for students in audited courses.

    An audit agreement is made between the student and teacher once the semester has begun but not later than the end of the third week of the semester. In order for the audit to appear on the permanent record, students must notify their school counselor and teacher at the time the agreement is made. The teachers verify audits at the end of each semester.

    • Teachers and Department Chairs must approve a request to audit.

    • Teachers are not required or expected to evaluate student work or progress for auditing students.

    • Although the student is not considered part of the class load, the student is expected to conform to all regular attendance and classroom management procedures and policies.

    • The course will be entered on the student schedule, but schedule changes will not be made to accommodate audits.

    • If, at the discretion of the teacher and the student’s school counselor, the audit arrangement is no longer beneficial, the student in question will be moved to a study hall in lieu of the audited class.

    Students who have time in their schedule and who are interested in a particular course but do not want to engage in the work to earn credit are encouraged to audit classes.