Course Designations

  • Selection Criteria: 
    Students are enrolled in courses based on standardized test scores, prior achievement and teacher recommendation. If the parent/guardian and student are not sure which course designation is most appropriate, they should contact the appropriate department chair.

    Advanced Placement and Honors:
    Highly challenging courses with expectations that students will work independently and demonstrate high levels of critical and analytical thinking, reading and writing. The textbooks and materials used are above grade level or at college level.

    Standard (College Preparatory):
    Courses that demand high levels of cognitive and problem-solving processes. A rigorous instructional pace allows for both curricular depth and enrichment.

    Survey (College Preparatory):
    Courses that provide instruction to develop skills in reading and writing, organization, reasoning and higher-level thinking. Class sizes tend to be smaller than standard level courses, and the pace of instruction is commensurate with the ability level of the students in the class. These courses prepare students for university and college work, as well as other post-secondary options.