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Visitor Security Check-in Procedures

  • Township High School District 113 is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students and staff. Please see below for our security procedures.

    Upon entering the schools’ secure vestibule, visitors are required to present a driver’s license or other valid government-issued identification for entering into our Lobby Guard Front Desk system. The ID is scanned and checked against a nationwide database of registered sex offenders. If a potential threat is identified, the LobbyGuard System instantly alerts designated officials, such as administrators and law enforcement.  In these cases, visitors are denied access to the building.

    To ensure that our visitors are readily identifiable , visitors cleared by the LobbyGuard system must leave their ID at the entrance and wear a school-issued name badge and lanyard that must be visibly worn while in the school and returned to the security vestibule upon leaving. Upon leaving, the school-issued badge will be exchanged for the visitor's picture ID. This enables us to keep track of all visitors, and ensures that everyone checks out through the secure vestibule and returns their visitor badge upon leaving. 
    Visitors having an appointment without the ability to possess a valid picture ID will be escorted to and from their appointment by member(s) of the security staff.

    Thank you for helping to keep our schools safe, and please contact the school building security manager if you have questions or concerns.

Drop Off and Pick Up

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    DHS pick up

Parking Lot Safety Video


  • George Grubb
    DHS Security Manager
    (224) 632-3374