• The purpose of the Fine Arts Department is to foster the student’s search for his/her identity as a creative individual. The degree to which students are successful in their search depends on the amount of energy they are prepared to commit to their projects. We provide the facilities, technical information, and an environment of encouragement and inspiration. We hope to provide the best possible conceptual and technical educational foundations in the student’s search, and to promote heightened awareness of sights, sounds, motions and emotions.

    Discovering our cultural heritage, participating in the joy of creating, or simply enjoying with new perception something of value, is open to all — regardless of previous experience or ability level. In each area of the fine arts, we emphasize the development of individual artistic needs and interests. Each course and teacher offers some flexibility within the curriculum to accommodate individual interests as much as possible. Many visual arts courses require that students augment basic supplies with purchases of additional materials— costs should be minimal in these cases. In the instance of loss or damage of school tools or equipment loaned to the student, the student is responsible for repair or replacement costs.

    One semester of Fine Arts is required for graduation.

    Students in Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Chorale and Theatre may apply to earn honors credit.

    See the individual teacher for further information.