• Counselors assist students with course planning in freshman, sophomore and junior years.  The academic plan is a course roadmap that a student, with assistance and direction from the counselor, develops to show which courses the student will take each year that s/he is at Deerfield.  Students will learn about course options and sequences through their current classroom teachers.  The students will also participate in a two-day tour of the fine and applied arts classes.  Then, the counselor and student together, with help from the Advisor and the Senior Student Advisors, construct an individual academic plan.  The academic plan will be viewable on Infinite Campus.

    For sophomores and juniors, course selection and registration begins in January with a pre-registration meeting to discuss course options for the following year.  Actual course registration takes place in February.

    Counselor involvement during course planning and registration establishes a solid foundation for the post-high school planning process in the junior and senior years.