Hebrew Honor Society

  • The Deerfield High School Hebrew Honor Society (HHS) is an organization that recognizes a high level of Hebrew language learning in our school and to promote the study of Hebrew language.

    The purpose of the Deerfield High School Hebrew Honor Society is to stimulate interest in the study of Hebrew, promote higher standards of scholarship and to reward high academic achievement.  It also promotes an enthusiasm for Israel and Israeli culture.

    Student eligibility requirements include:

    • Present enrollment in the third year of high school Hebrew (Hebrew III) or completion of the second year of high school Hebrew (Hebrew II).
    • A cumulative semester average of B or higher in all Hebrew courses.  The cumulative semester average is based on the four preceding of Hebrew studies.
    • A commitment to conduct oneself in DHS First Class manner at all times.
    • Every student is expected to follow all the rules and requirements dictated by the Hebrew Honor Society.  This includes being fully active and engaged in all projects/activities planned and executed by the HHS.  Failing to do so, a student will be placed on probation.