The Academic Plan

  • Through the Advisory Program, freshmen work with their counselors to develop an academic educational plan. This plan will serve as a blueprint for meeting high school graduation requirements, college admission course recommendations and individual student interests. Students will want to think about special interests, talents and potential career choices as they choose courses. It is important to consider the workload involved and not take too many or too few courses. The plan is a fluid document that changes as the student progresses through high school. The plan will be completed and posted on Schoology.  Parents/Guardians and students will be able to access the academic plan from home and include the student's counselor in the discussion if they wish to make any changes.

    A full service post-high school planning program is available to all of our students. This program begins with solid, thoughtful course selection. Many students and parents/guardians seek guidelines for appropriate course selections for the four years of high school. It is difficult to generalize about entrance requirements for all colleges and universities because each has its own requirements, which can change from year to year.  Students who want to consider highly selective schools should take the strongest academic program possible. Current information on individual institutions is available in the College and Career Resource Center.

    Academic Plan Draft

    Academic Planning Requirements

    Program of Studies