Choral Groups

  • If you enjoy singing and making friends, choir is for you!  DHS has four curricular choirs that meet daily, and one extra-curricular show choir.

    • Treble Ensemble is made up of freshman girls and counts as Freshman Advisory, as well as a fine arts credit.
    • Concert Choir has freshman boys and upper class girls in it, and fills the Freshman Advisory requirement for boys as well as fine arts credit for all. 
    • FoSho is an extra-curricular, non-auditioned show choir for freshmen and sophomores.  This group is very flexible to other athletic, club and extra-curricular activities.  All are welcome!
    • Chorale is made up of upperclassmen and counts as a fine arts credit.
    • Choraliers is the DHS Show Choir.  These sophomores, juniors and seniors audition for this ensemble and perform in a variety of pop, jazz and show music.

    Each of the four choirs perform a wide variety of music ranging from classical to pop and have opportunities to perform in concerts as well as attend professional performances downtown.  Chorale and Choraliers have toured to destinations such as Carnegie Hall, Disneyworld and New Orleans! All students are welcome, regardless of experience level.


  • Anastasia Balmer

    Choral groups meet during the school day with evening performances
    FoSho meets after school with evening rehearsals