Registration Process for Sophomores and Juniors

  • After first semester finals, teachers will make course recommendations for the appropriate course for the following school year. This recommendation list provides a frame for the courses for which the student is to register, providing they are continuing in the respective subjects. Teachers will discuss their recommendation with students and enter their recommendation into Infinite Campus. 

    If a student is not satisfied with a particular course recommendation, they may obtain a "Course Recommendation Override Form." This form must have the signature of the teacher, department chair, and parent, reflecting approval to enter the course. The student must present the signed form to the counselor no later than the day of registration. Please refer to the Course Change Policy.

    Students can schedule an appointment with their counselor at any time prior to registration day to discuss their academic program.

    Counselors will have two meetings with sophomores and juniors regarding registration. The first is a large group meeting where each counselor meets with their students to share information and answer questions about course selection. In the second meeting, counselors meet with students individually to review their course selection. The dates of these meetings will be published well ahead of time. It is most important that the student focus on this registration experience as a final decision for course selection.

    Prior to the individual meeting, students should view their course recommendations in Infinite Campus. In early January, we will provide you with a link to explain the registration process on Infinite Campus.

    What Happens Next?

    Once the student meets with their counselor, the registration will be finalized. Students and parents/guardians should review the finalized selection in Infinite Campus during Course Verification as this will be the only opportunity to make changes to the registration for the following year.


    Course and Recommendation Questions

    Program of Studies