Registration Process for Current Freshmen

  • The formal process to choose one's courses for the following school year begins in Advisory for freshmen with the Graduation Tracking lesson. Freshmen will work with their counselors in December on a Graduation Tracking lesson where they learn about graduation requirements, the resources available to learn about course offerings, and how to keep track of their requirements. Each student will create an individualized graduation tracker that will be used throughout their high school career for registration and postsecondary planning. Students will want to think about special interests, talents and potential career choices as they consider courses to fulfill their requirements.

    As part of the registration process, teachers discuss course recommendations with students and enter their recommendations into Infinite Campus. Teacher recommendations begin with "REC" before the course name. Counselors follow the guidance of teacher recommendations when finalizing course requests with students. 

    During Pre-Registration Presentations in January, counselors will present an overview of the registration process. Counselors offer optional pre-registration walk-through days for students to ask individual questions. During designated Advisory periods, counselors finalize course requests with each student. Course Verification is the final opportunity for students and families to review course requests and notify the counselor of errors.

    Graduation Tracker/Tracking

    Course and Recommendation Questions

    Program of Studies