Registration Process for Current Freshmen

  • The formal process to choose one's courses for the following school year begins in Advisory for freshmen with the academic planning process in November.

    Between mid-November and winter break, the counselors will visit advisories to introduce the academic planning process. Then, students will hear about course options and sequences from their current teachers. For example, during a student's current math class, the math teacher will explain a student's course options for sophomore through senior year. For students not currently enrolled in a particular subject area, they will have the opportunity to attend an informational session about that subject. The students will also have the opportunity to tour and visit with some of our fine and applied arts instructors to see and hear about the courses and programs available to them. At the conclusion of the department presentation days, the counselor will work with their advisories to create an online version of their academic plan via Infinite Campus. Parents/Guardians can view the academic plan via Infinite Campus. The academic plan becomes the framework for the sophomore year registration, so it is imperative for parents/guardians to look over the plan with their child.

    After first semester finals, teachers will make course recommendations for the appropriate course for the following school year. This recommendation list also provides a framework for the courses for which the student is to register, providing they are continuing in the respective subjects. Teachers will discuss their recommendation with students and enter their recommendation into Infinite Campus. 

    If a student is not satisfied with a particular course recommendation, they may obtain a "Course Recommendation Override Form." This form must have the signature of the teacher, department chair, and parent, reflecting approval to enter the course. The student must present the signed form to the counselor no later than the day of registration. Please refer to the Course Change Policy.

    What Happens Next?

    Students will use their completed academic plan to register for their sophomore year courses. In mid-January, students should view their course recommendations in Infinite Campus. In late January - mid February, students will meet with their counselor individually to review their course selections. At that time, the registration will be finalized. Students and parents should review the finalized selection in Infinite Campus during Course Verification as this will be the only opportunity to make changes to your sophomore year registration.

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