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    Welcome to your junior year and starting the second half of your high school experience.  Junior year can be one of the most challenging years academically, yet it is also one where you can experience significant growth and self awareness.  You have the knowledge and skills to begin identifying what works best for you in a learning environment and to start honing various leadership qualities.  This is the year when most of the formal Postsecondary Counseling programs become available to you and are part of your curriculum.  We offer a variety of events and experiences targeted to juniors that begin in the Fall and continue throughout the year.  Starting in the second semester, juniors will be able to set up individual appointments with their assigned Postsecondary Counselor for more individual support. Before this timeframe, students and parents should feel free to reach out to their School Counselor with questions they may have, as we work closely with each other and if they cannot answer your specific question they will consult with one of us and be able to respond. 

    Below you will find links to a number of resources that will help you with your search, selection, and application process. The College Planning Handbook is a thorough guide with great details and an explanation on many of the nuances regarding the college planning process.  MaiaLearning is the main online resource we utilize in our program that will provide specific admissions, career and college admission data relative to Highland Park High School.  Once assigned, please contact your Postsecondary Counselor at any time with questions or concerns, and remember that you can always stop by the CRC with a quick question for Mr. Becker.

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