• 2022-23 State of Illinois Required Testing Information


    District 113 administers a variety of standardized assessments throughout the school year.  See below for the in-school testing calendar during the 2022-23 School year.  More specific details will be shared with students and families as the dates approach.


    Spring 2023

    Wednesday, April 12th and Thursday, April 13th: On Wednesday, April 12 and Thursday, April 13, all freshmen, sophomores and juniors will partake in the Illinois State Board of Education accountability testing.  Most students will finish on April 12.  Some students testing with accommodations will test over two days. 

    Freshmen will take the PSAT 8/9, sophomores will take the PSAT 10, and juniors will take the SAT. These assessments are required by the state of Illinois.  This specific administration of the SAT is a graduation requirement in Illinois set by the Illinois State Board of Education.  A weekend SAT does not satisfy the graduation requirement.  Please reference the letters linked below for more specific information regarding each assessment.  

    Students testing without accommodations (standard time) will test in their homeroom.  Students testing with accommodations will test in an alternative location that allows for their accommodations to be provided.  Individual letters will be sent to students with accommodations which will include a summary of their accommodations, testing room number, and approximate timing of their test.

    Bus transportation will be provided each day so that students can arrive on time.  A reminder that a special class schedule will run the afternoon of Thursday, April 13.  There is a full day of school on Friday, April 14.  The class schedule for Friday is included in the previous link.


    PSAT 8/9

    PSAT 10





    For information regarding optional/weekend testing information, please see the links in the menu.