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    Congratulations!  You are in the final year of high school, and are now a senior. We know that this can bring out many different emotions, and each of you will be at different points in planning for your life after high school.  If you have yet to meet with your Postsecondary Counselor about your plans or ideas regarding your pathway, now is the time to set up an appointment. Contact Ms. Maravilla at bmaravilla@dist113.org to set up a date and time that works with your schedule. If you did meet with your Postsecondary Counselor in the spring, we suggest that you schedule a follow-up meeting to make sure you have a clear understanding of the next steps necessary for you to achieve your goals. 

    Below you will find links to a number of resources to help you with your postsecondary search, selection, and application process. Remember that there are multiple ways to achieve your life goals.  One goal you all share in common is the goal to graduate, and so we want to remind you that this year continues to matter and it is very important that your academics continue to be a priority.  The College Planning Handbook in particular is an exhaustive guide with lots of details, considerations and information for you to consider. Additionally, remember to read all emails and the Giant Life News weekly as information will be communicated to you and timely review will allow you to make the most of these opportunities. Please contact your Postsecondary Counselor at any time with questions or concerns, or you can always stop by the CRC with a quick question for Mr. Becker. 

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