• Welcome to the HPHS Red Cross Club!

    The Red Cross’s mission is to turn compassion into action by engaging in community service, fundraising activities, and training for emergency situations in our everyday lives. Through the Red Cross club, we aim to empower students to develop life-saving and leadership skills as well as make meaningful impacts on our community by addressing its greatest needs. Our meetings are filled with various interactive activities, including CPR training, fundraising, guest speaker presentations, and discussing public health issues & current events. One of the most essential components of our club is a volunteer in our community, such as volunteering at blood drives or providing food, shelter, and comfort for families affected by major disasters. Through volunteering opportunities, we hope to bring students and their shared interests together to make positive connections with one another while making an impact on our community. Our space is inclusive & diverse, and all students at the school are welcome and encouraged to participate in our meetings!

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