• Welcome to GIANT Splash!  

    Giant Splash Club is open to all students who wish to volunteer as Swim Instructors, Jr. Swim Instructors, Senior Lifeguards and Lifeguards.  Volunteering through the Giant Splash Club will consist of attending the pre-session meeting and volunteering in a minimum of six sessions & maximum of seven sessions.  Lifeguards will need to provide a valid Lifeguarding certification card.  Instructors will provide Ms. Murray with past instructor experience.  Jr. Instructor will need to provide Ms. Murray with swim experience bio.  Sessions will run at Highland Park High School on Sunday mornings in the spring. Each Sunday we will have two back-to-back sessions. Session 1 will be from 9:45-10:45. Session 2 will be from 10:55-11:55.

    Former Club Sponsor:  Sandra Ramirez