Welcome and Overview

  • Welcome to the HP Debate Team!

    The Highland Park debate team is an incredible activity in which students participate in both Congressional and Public Forum debate events throughout the academic year. Congressional Debate is a public speaking event in which current events (foreign affairs, public welfare, economics) are debated; chambers at tournaments simulate real legislative sessions, as might be found in Washington D.C. or Springfield.  Students have the opportunity to write legislation on a variety of topics, conduct sophisticated research, and debate with other area high schools at local regional tournaments. Public Forum is a format in which two opposing two-person teams debate on topics of current societal interests and continue to compete with teams throughout the tournament over the same topic – each round hones the topic and makes the debate more lively and challenging.  Members of the HP Debate team also participate in national tournaments such as the Yale, Glenbrooks, and Harvard tournaments, as well as the prestigious Tournament of Champions at the end of the year.  Participating in HP Debate is a learning experience in critical thinking and analysis, public speaking, negotiation, parliamentary procedure, and current events.  HP debaters have the opportunity to have fun, to create lasting bonds within the team, and to meet students from around the region and the country.