College Bound Opportunities and Schuler Scholars

  • Highland Park High School is proud to partner with two programs that prepare and assist students with the college process: College Bound Opportunities and Schuler Scholars. 

    College Bound Opportunities

    College Bound Opportunities, or CBO, recruits student participants from low and moderate-income families in Deerfield, Highland Park, and Lake Forest High Schools. Students are paired with a trained coach who helps them navigate through the college admissions process, including entrance exams and college visits. These mentors continue to coach the students during their four years at college, and students can obtain up to $4,000 in scholarship funding each year.

    The not-for-profit organization is community based and community supported; this year’s Highland Park High School Charity Drive raised an incredible $201,000 for CBO. Coaches and volunteers, as well as the majority of CBO’s financial support, comes from the five communities serving District 113.

    Click here to visit the CBO website.


    Schuler Scholar Program

    Eight years ago, Highland Park High School was selected by the Schuler Family Foundation to become a partner in the Schuler Scholar program.
    This program prepares high achieving students, who will be the first in their family to go to college, to succeed at colleges and universities around the nation.

    The Schuler Scholars and their families have been committed to the rigorous program throughout their high school careers. Among a long list of expectations, students were expected to excel academically and participate in an intensive reading improvement plan, summer college programs, college test preparation courses and a variety of college visits.

    Click here to visit the Schuler Scholar Program website.

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