Welcome to the Mathematics & Computer Science Department

Math Department Staff
  • Highland Park High School Math Department Vision

    As math teachers, we believe that our job is to not only teach the mathematical content, but to create a safe environment that empowers students to think creatively, take risks, develop active problem-solving strategies, and enhance their logic and reasoning skills.

    Skills that we feel are important to cultivate include:

    • Communication skills: students need to be able to talk and write about math.
    • Collaboration skills: students need to be able to work with each other.
    • Resilience and perseverance: students need to ¨stick with it¨ across challenges.
    • Self-confidence and self-advocacy: students need to trust themselves and know when and how to seek help when needed.

    These competencies are essential throughout all mathematics courses, but more importantly, are skills imperative to success in life.