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  • Welcome to Yearbook Club!

    Little Giant is the school yearbook, which records the school year in words and pictures.  The staff is divided into an editorial staff and various sections.  Each section is run by a section head and has a staff of writers.  The editorial staff is composed of an editor-in-chief and assistant editors.  Work begins in late August after the editors return from a summer workshop, and continues throughout the school year.  The demanding periods occur from September through early March, and during distribution during the final week of school. The upper-class editorial staff is chosen during the spring, and the remaining staff positions are filled early in the fall.  Section heads spend (on average) three days a week on yearbook, and staff should expect about a one day per week commitment.  To get the job done, staff is often required to work late nights during deadline weeks.  Yearbook provides the students with an opportunity to use advanced computer technology and to learn the basics of desktop publishing and design yearbook also has photography staff.