Welcome and Overview

  • Welcome to Yearbook Club!

    A yearbook is a complete record of the entire year of a high school class. It includes events, milestones, and, most importantly, the people who make high school years memorable. Yearbook club provides students with an opportunity to use advanced computer technology, learn the basics of desktop publishing and graphic design as well as learning photography basics. There are even aspects of Yearbook Club that relate to journalism. You may have the opportunity to interview students and staff about what they have to say! Joining Yearbook Club also means that by the end of the school year, you’ll have a completed physical product. 


    Yearbook Club meets bi-weekly in the Media Center on Tuesdays. Please reach out to Mrs. Meyer or Ms. Talar if you have any further questions. 

Do you like: Graphic Design, Photoshop, Photography, Writing, Making Friends