Welcome and Overview

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    The Investment Club is a student lead club, which examines current trends in investing and follows specific stocks and trends in the market.  Guest speakers from the investment community as well as current students share their insights and knowledge.  Students get the opportunity to compete in a variety of mock trading simulations while implementing various investing strategies, such as going long or short with stocks, investing in mutual funds and bonds, as well as using a variety of options strategies to speculate or put on hedges.  Each year we try to expand the topics that we cover to keep the club content fresh from year-to-year for returning members.

    There is no cost to join the club.  While we encourage students to join the club before the end of September, students are able to join the club throughout the year.  Students are welcome to join the club in September even if they are not able to attend meetings until later in the year (due to conflicts with after-school sports, for example).  Investment Club meets every other Tuesday at 3:15 PM in Room C108.