• Registration for Postsecondary Counseling appointments for the Class of 2025 opens on Jan. 10 and they will begin on Jan. 18. Initial meetings are 55 minutes in length. Students and families can also have follow-up appointments later in the semester and during senior year. Parents are encouraged to attend.


    Registering for a Postsecondary Counseling Appointment

    -First step is to find out your assigned Postsecondary Counselor (PSC). To access this info log in to your MaiaLearning account and click the small headshot icon at the top right corner of the page and click on "Open Profile". When you arrive at your Profile page click on "Connections" and your assigned PSC will be under the Educator Connections Heading. Register for an appointment with the identified PSC: Morrison, Pendergast or Siegel. All students are registered with MaiaLearning through their school email address. Simply click on the Sign in with Google option.



    -Once you have identified your PSC go to the HPHS Home Page and under the Counseling tab select Postsecondary Counseling to access our homepage. On the right hand side of the page you will find the name of your PSC under Contacts. Click on their name to access their info page where you can schedule an appointment through Calendly.



     -Prior to the meeting please fill out our PSC Self-Assessment form. Though this is not required it can be very beneficial in guiding your PSC as to what issues and topics need to be discussed, what you know and what you are unsure of, etc. Everyone starts this process from their own place and there are no right or wrong answers so don’t be afraid to say “I’m unsure”, “Undecided”, or I plain “Just don’t know”!