• Dear Giant Families,

    We are pleased to share with you the HPHS schedule for the 2022-23 school year.  In addition to the schedule, this email provides general highlights, early bird information, an explanation for why the schedule is changing and a review of our process.  Also, today in Homeroom we shared this presentation (click here for Spanish, click here for English) with students to provide clarity for them.  Finally, here is the link again for our FAQs.

    I recognize that not finalizing the schedule before counselors began meeting to discuss course selection for next year caused confusion and anxiety for some students and parents, and for that I apologize. We are confident that we have a schedule for 2022-23 that is best for HPHS students and that perceived problems and issues have all been resolved.


    Debby Finn

    Highlights of this schedule:

    • It is similar to the pre-pandemic schedule - 3 Giant Days (M, T, F); 2 Block Days (W, Th).
    • It restores instructional minutes to pre-pandemic levels.
    • There is a later start time for students period 1 (8:35 instead of 8:00).
    • There is a later start time for students opting into early bird (7:40 instead of 7:15).
    • We will have embedded lunch periods every day:
      • All students get a lunch period
      • Reduces required enrollment in study halls on block days
    • We will have Homeroom once per week - extended homeroom special schedules will be implemented as needed.
    • Most periods’ start and end times are on 0 and 5 and periods go in numerical order.
    • There is some time in the schedule listed as TBD; this is not time that students are required to be in the building.

    Early Bird Options:

    Based on the review of course selections made by students who requested an early bird class, we will be offering the following classes pending necessary minimum enrollment.  In homeroom today, students were given the opportunity to complete this form to express their interest.  If a student did not complete the form today, it will be open until 8:00 am on Friday, February 4, 2022.   This form can only be completed by students using their school email address.  Interested students should complete this form whether or not they have already discussed early bird options with their counselor.



    Fine Arts*


    Social Studies*

    -English I Honors

    -English II Honors

    -AP English Language

    -AP English Literature


    -Jazz Ensemble

    -Anatomy & Physiology I


    -Biology Honors

    -Chemistry Honors


    -AP Environmental Science


    -AP Psychology

    -United States History


    These offerings are in line with our core academic offerings  (with multiple sections) to allow students more access to electives/flexibility with scheduling.  Early Bird courses* run every morning from 7:40 am to 8:30 am daily except for Wednesdays.  Science** classes only meet one day per week (usually this is on Tuesdays beginning at 7:50 am).

    Why is our schedule changing?

    • Pandemic Schedules of SY2020-21 & SY2021-22 were always intended to be temporary and reduced instructional minutes for students.
    • Beginning SY2021-22, Study Halls were implemented to ensure students were in a supervised space at all times throughout the school day and will remain a part of District 113 schedules for the future.
    • Study Halls and Lunches - in the current schedule, students’ Monday lunch period becomes an additional study hall the remainder of the week; this leads to at least 148 minutes of study hall for most students. 
    • Because these study halls are concentrated during lunch periods (4, 5, 6, 7), hundreds of students are in study hall at once reaching our space and supervision constraints.
    • The School Board recently shifted their recommendation for a common daily bell schedule for both schools from SY2022-23 to SY2023-24 leaving us needing to make our own adjustments for next year.
    • Making the change for SY2022-23 allows us to pilot a schedule that could be considered by the district committee for the SY2023-24 common District 113 schedule.

    Our process:

    1. The schedule committee came together to examine how to solve schedule-related issues as described above.
    2. We collected information from students and staff through the student voice committee, a student survey and two staff surveys.
    3. We looked at schedules from other schools.
    4. Our building administration had conversations with departments and individual conversations with staff members, students and parents/guardians.
    5. We reviewed/discussed over 20 iterations of possible daily schedules.  The final selection best aligns with the values expressed by students and staff.  This is outlined in the slide deck and they are mentioned in the highlights section above.