• Welcome to Car Club! If you clicked on our page, it’s safe to assume you’re either into cars or want to get into cars. You picked the right place!  Car club will focus on building an accepting community for members at all ends of the passion. It is by no means necessary to have a car or license to attend and there is no prior knowledge required.

    Beyond the goal of building a car community at HPHS, the club will focus much of the time spent at meetings on information and fun sessions to immerse members in the broader automotive culture and industry. This will include informational sessions on; the automotive market and trade economy, jobs within the industry, steps to buying and selling a car, how to choose the right car when the time comes, engineering, modifications, car photography, ways to become involved in the community online and in person, and information/updates on the car scene in the general Chicagoland area. Meetings will start monthly and will transition to bi-weekly in the spring when car season kickstarts with opportunities for involvement outside of school hours as well.  Check the listing for more information about when and where we will meet.  

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