• The transition to high school in District 113 is an exciting time full of changes. One of those changes is that District 113 does not publish a comprehensive list of required school supplies. Any representation of a required or recommended list by a vendor not explicitly authorized by District 113 is spam.


    In the first few days of school, teachers in D113 will let students know which supplies may be needed for a particular course. This practice allows for course changes once school starts as well as helps families know what to buy based on what students actually need.


    Students are required to purchase certain items through District 113. For freshmen, those items include the PE Bundle, which consists of a PE uniform, gym lock and heart rate monitor strap. If items need to be replaced over the course of the student’s time in high school, those items can be ordered through Beck’s, District 113’s provider of course materials.


    Families may purchase all other items through any vendor of their choice.