• Activities, athletics, clubs, field trips, etc.

    Throughout the year, students may be required to pay various fees not related to courses. These may be available for payment through the Infinite Campus School Store (with a credit card) or at the Bursar's window in the Bookstore by cash or check.


    Please check with your sponsor as to which payment methods will be available.


    Checks should not be combined with any other payment and made payable to DHS. Checks should be written with blue or black ink only, thank you!


    If the bursar is not available, please do not leave cash or check payments with other personnel. A secure drop slot is located near the bookstore's M-Hall door. Students must fill out a student envelope available by the slot, enclose payment and drop it in the slot where it is locked and secured until the bursar can retrieve it.


    Financial constraints should not dissuade students from participating. Please reach out to the sponsor or your counselor for assistance.