• AP Exam Information 2017: Location/Dates/Times

    Important information regarding your upcoming AP Exam(s).  Please click here to access details about the exam day, including times and locations.

    Ms. Harvey and Ms. Stillwell
    AP Coordinators


    AP Pre-Bubbling Make Ups: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12TH

    If you did not attend the mandatory pre-bubbling session on Friday, April 7, you MUST attend a make-up session.

    The make-up sessions will be held in A222 the morning of Wednesday, April 12 during periods 4, 2A, 2B, and 2C.


    Please arrive at the start of the period you can attend.Please be sure to bring a non-mechanical #2 pencil.

    Please email Ms. Harvey at bharvey@dist113.org or Ms. Stillwell at lstillwell@dist113.org if you have any questions.




    AP Pre-Bubbling Information


    Pre-bubbling takes place in rooms A342 and A343.

    Note:  Any student taking more than TWO AP exams is expected to attend the first pre-administration bubbling session from 7:30-9:00 am.  Students taking only one or two AP exams may attend during any pre-bubbling session as listed below.  Please arrive prior to the beginning of the period as sessions will start promptly.  

    Students may not bring bags or other materials to the bubbling sessions AND must have a #2 non-mechanical pencil.  



    7:30-9:00am:  Early bird:  All students are welcome to attend this session BUT ALL students taking more than two exams MUST attend at this sessions.  Students are asked to arrive no later than 7:30am for check-in. 

    Period 4

    Period 2A

    Period 2B

    Period 2C

    Period 8

    Period 6

    After School (3:10)


    Again, all pre bubbling takes place in A342 and A343.  

    Please contact Ms. Harvey or Ms. Stillwell with questions








    In case you missed AP Exam registration, we will be offering a late registration session on Wednesday, February 22, 2017.  On this date, students will be able to register during their lunch period 2A, 2B or 2C.  Students should come to the Commons prepared to complete a form for registration.  Students should bring their payment (cash, check or credit card) as they will go directly to the bookstore to make their payment immediately after completing their registration form.


    The cost per exam is $97.  As this is late registration, an additional late fee of $70 per exam will apply.


    Please send any questions to Ms. Harvey (bharvey@dist113.org) or Ms. Stillwell (lstillwell@dist113.org).