• Advanced Placement (AP) tests are college-level exams on specific subjects given by College Board. HPHS students who are enrolled in AP courses are strongly encouraged to take the exam in May 2022, as students who score a 3 or above can earn college credit at many colleges and universities. In addition, students who self-study for an exam (that is, they are not currently taking the corresponding AP course at HPHS but are studying on their own) can also sit for the exam. 

    When and how are the May 2022 exams being administered?

    • All AP exams are currently scheduled to be taken in the traditional pencil/paper format at HPHS.
    • Exams will be administered between May 2-13, 2022. Room assignments for each exam will be shared in late April, 2022.

    Registration for AP Exams

    • Students log on to their College Board account. We recommend using your D113 email address (not your parents' email). Students should create an account if they do not have one already.
    • Students "join" all their AP courses. AP Teachers have a list of join codes for their particular class and period. 
    • Here are instructions for joining an AP class.
    • **By joining each section, you have now successfully registered for the AP exam. There are no other steps.
    • Pay for your AP exam (see information below)


    • All 2022 AP exams cost $96 per exam if ordered by the November 14, 2021 deadline.
    • All fees for year long courses will be placed directly on your Infinite Campus account in late November/early December and payment in full is due on March 31, 2022.
    • AP exams will be free for any students currently on FRAM (Financial assistance program).
    • Late Fees (all of these fees are College Board fees).
      • There will be a $40 late fee for each exam ordered and/or registered for after the November 14, 2021 deadline (This fee does not apply to exams for the few courses that are second semester courses). See details below regarding a late test registration request.  
      • There will be a $40 late fee for any canceled exam after the November 14, 2021 deadline (see details below for further information)


    • Students “with accommodations” should check their College Board decision letters to make certain that all of the accommodations they are expecting to be tested with are available for AP tests. If they don't have their decision letters, they can log into their College Board account and view or download the letter.
    • As always, students may only use accommodations that have been approved by the College Board Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office.
    • For any accommodation questions, please contact Jeff Rubin (jrubin@dist113.org), our District Accommodations Coordinator.

    Canceling the exam

    • After November 14, 2022, you must fill out the AP Exam Cancellation Request
    • If you cancel your order after the deadline of November 14, 2021, you will need to pay the $40 cancellation fee assessed by College Board. This includes students who drop a class.

    Late Test Registration Request

    Conflict Testing Request for Late Testing 

    • Please use the student email address only.
    • If a student has a conflict with the originally scheduled test date, please complete one AP Exam Conflict Testing Request form per exam conflict.
    • The reason for requesting a conflict must fall under one of the allowable reasons per College Board (reasons are listed on the form).
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